$500,000,000 Question

$5,000,000 in the DJS is the “m” and the “d” stroke contected. I was thinking wouldn’t be easier to use the more fluid md stroke?

(by taaliba2 for everyone)

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  1. Brian   Those outlines are great! Are your handwritten ones as precise?  Did you draw them freehand or use the line and curve tools?   My handwritten ones look better to me just after I've written them than the next week or even the next day.  But I can read them, thank (whatever).   Billy (Sidhetaba)

  2. Gregg comments in several texts that placing the nd (meaning "hundred dollars") blend under a figure is a "positive distinction" from the m after a figure (meaning "million").   Now, with inflation, I wonder what Gregg would use to distinguish trillion (? t) from dollars (d)?   Brian

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