What do you do with your Shorthand knowledge?

Hello everyone,
I’ve noticed through reading a few messages that there seems to be quite a variety of people & professions within this group. 
If you don’t mind me asking; 
Which version of Shorthand do you use and for what purpose do you use it? 
Also, do you follow your original version of Shorthand (verbatim?), or have you developed your own characters/blends over time to suit your needs? 
   <—(is that right? LOL)

(by crissy—- for everyone)

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  1. Hi,
    I'm new to the group.  And new to msn groups, too.  I took shorthand in 1968 my junior year of high school.  I can still read it sometimes by figuring out the context of the sentence, ha.  But I'm struggling with the writing part.  I want to re-learn it.
    Right now I'm using it to write in my day planner.  I use an old Diamond Jubilee dictionary I bought on Amazon to look up the words.  I figure this way I can leave my day planner open but no one will be able to read it, LOL.  I thought that would be a great way to help refresh my memory.   ….jan

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  2. I use Pre-Anniversary and Anniversary Gregg (with a few personal shortcuts thrown in) all the time as a journalist/editor   And, yes, I do use a tape recorder on interviews, but things mechanical have an annoying way of failing when you need them most, so I never depend on it completely.  I would hate to louse up that direct quote simply because I couldn't take comprehensive notes.  I don't know my actual speed, since I have written shorthand so many years, but whatever it is, it's perfectly adequate for my needs (I'm guessing 150-175, with reasonably familiar copy).    I also take meeting notes and find shorthand very useful to record info from telephone conversations.  If the meeting is dull, it is also handy for writing a "to do" list surreptitiously.  And, like Marc, unless my husband is going to the store for me, I write my grocery list in Gregg as well.    To me, shorthand is as essential as knowing how to use a telephone or drive a car.

  3. I'd say WordWrangler2's comparisons are well chosen. I use Gregg often enough throughout each day that I have to wonder why shorthand has such an extremely esoteric reputation.

    The Greek alphabet isn't necessary for most of what people call "notes". And as every time-and-information-management guru tells us, notes are central to an organized life—even in this digital age of structured forms:


    Interesting that many PDA users prefer their "freehand note" programs to other structured input methods; and in any case, paper might still be the best tool:


    With or without word processors, writers should *still* be drafting anything more than 1500 words:


    And for Gregg as an academic tool, I *wish* I'd put in a four-month learning curve years ago. If Diamond Jubilee or Centennial are as quick to learn as they say, I can't understand why Gregg isn't promoted in Colleges.

    Ultimately, I intend to teach Gregg to my kids. That should say it all.

  4. I intend to use Gregg to take over the world.   Learn DJ or older and that'll ensure your spot in my overground society, allowing you to escape the terror of an underground Metropolis/Prolle like life. ./[tyler]

  5. 300?! Oh…sorry. I guess I was wrong…maybe I should only include Simplified and older…I was aiming more for 100 or so. Wait…you know what? Anniversary. And it's gotta be 125 wpm+. Except for me of course. We're gonna be the mighty 25, plus "simple" me…they'll call me their Simple Leader in fun, but really, really respect me none-the-less as being a progressive, daring leader…I think I'll grow a purple mohawk.   I think 6,379,157,335 people mining and labouring unter-die-ground will be adequate to support 26 in de-luxury. Whatcha think? I like your feedback, any other help's appreciated! Ooo! We need a flag! What of it? ./[tyler]

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