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  1. Ooo. Sounds like a good idea! June 17th would give us enough time to prepare candles and champagne and floats and organize parades and balls and picketing against schools for SH negligence of their children and maybe even some Tiramisu! *shudders with delight*   But…then again, not everyone is able to obtain Tiramisu with the same ease (Americans…sheesh)…so what REALLY could we do? We could all think really fast thoughts about writing and hopefully help everybodys' speed 'round de world! Or maybe it could be a BREAK day! Like a don't study shorthand day! No practising! But…uh…wait…that wouldn't be special or different. Maybe everyone makes a Gregg cake (the cup style if prefered) and eats it!!! That would be beautific! We need idea-rs! ./[tyler]

  2. Oops I forgot.  Say "Hi" to my uncle in Jacksonville.  We were going to swing by to see him but decided to visit aunts & uncles in Virginia instead.  Maybe next year..   By the way, did you ever get the email I sent to you regarding my sign in little problem?

  3. JRG: My address is in the Penpals section.  Shall we say…about dark:30?   Joanne: My junkmail folder has already emptied the month of April.  Would you resend, and be sure to include "Gregg" in the subject line in case I am accidentally deleting it.

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