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I have a brief paragraph that my mother wrote in shorthand that I need help translating. I have already had two people look at it, and they could only decipher a word here and there. I am hoping that some of you can help me fill in the missing pieces. I believe these lines are a description of my birth mother. They were included in my adoption folder, and the writing on that page that is not in shorthand involves my birth weight and general instructions on caring for a newborn. Is that something that anyone would like to help with? And if so, should I post it (once I scan it in) in the Pictures or Documents folder, or email it to individuals?


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  1. Here is the passage that I need help with. Two people have already looked at it and deciphered bits of it- sometimes disagreeing on what is says. Let me know if the file doesn't come through OK.
    Thanks for any help!!!

  2.   The shorthand was written pretty carelessly; obviously the author wasn't trying to make a historical record here–unless she meant to type it later.   4,5 actually looks like "good pants," but makes more sense as "good parents," since she seems to follow with a "him/her" description.  If the author was a social worker, maybe 4 is her own breif form for "girl," so 4,5 could mean "girl's parents?"  I'm not very good, but just some thoughts…

  3. The message is in the Documents section, John.   It looks as if it's written in Simplified Gregg, but it is a little difficult to translate.   Below the 8# 4oz now – line, this is what I believe it says (shorthand in italics).  If I don't know, I mark it as ???:   small B.H. blue eyes college – great students  (this one I doubt, maybe college-grade students?) good points – Him – tall and ??? ???low ???.                       Her – meet (?) gentlemen (?) and  ???.   good ???. Has great ??? and in ??? service.  In good health.   urine CBC …

  4. Thanks! This was something my (adoptive) mother wrote down for a phone message. She didn't usually take phone messages in shorthand. I think she just didn't want my dad or I to be able to read this info.

    So someone else came up with "tall and slender" for the "him" description. And someone ele came up with the word "gator" in there, maybe word #15 or around that area. Anyone else get that? It would actually make sense as this was in Louisiana.

    Anyway, thanks for whoever is interested in helping. You seem like a knowledgable bunch!

  5. I think it is notes from a conversation with someone at the maternity home. The top lists info on my birth weight, length (18 1.2) and weight at that time. The bottom lists tests newborns get (urine, CBC, PKU). Brown hair, blue eyes is either me or my birth mother. My mother has Alzheimer's now so can't ask her! She has always had terrible writing so not too surprising it is hard to read.

  6. If:

    6. tell


    12. get

    Then 6 through 11 and 12 through 15 are both imperitive sentences, like a "todos" for the "him" and the "her".

    11. nurse

    And I'm pretty sure:

    13. pleasing

    JohnSapp, are you sure that 14 and 9 are separate outlines?


  7. Yes, I think it's safe to say 9 and 14 are seperate outlines, because it is unlikely the writer would leave such a large space between 8 and 10 in anticipation of a tall outline written on the next line.  You are right though, it is close.   I don't think 23 is notaries, looks more like mysteries, but even that would be a stretch.   __________________________ Praise the Lord, I saw the light line!

  8. I can't help with the translation, as I am just starting my Gregg travels. However, from one adoptee to another, I wish you the best in getting this transcribed asap. I know the importance of that information. Are ya looking to find her? I found mine and was lucky enough to have it be a wonderful thing.


  9. This is all I can get out of it:   College – great students Good parents – him  – ?? and settle  ?? ??                         her   – met ?? and ??  Good comforter.  Has great attitude and not needlessly selfish.  In good health.    

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