Simplified Manual, Paragraph 26

I can’t seem to figure out this paragraph.  It’s one gigantic sentance and doesn’t make sense as is.
Dear Tom there’s a slight chance I can ship on or befor March 18 the Model 6 desks which our made not our Fol factory.
Buying these desks ready on or before March 18 will not be an easy task as I lost three of my staff.  I can would have had desks readey by March 5 istith(?) peoplehad stayed on the job.
Could you perhaps clarrify that?  The lack of periods isn’t helping.

(by _pie_man_
for everyone)


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  1. It is indeed a very unnatural sentence. Make sure to watch your spelling when you transcribe! It does weird things to me, too, and a reread is always a must.   Anyway, just one correction is I believe it say "in our Fall River factory." As for the part you're asking about, it says "… by March 5 if these people…"   Hope that helps!

  2. Alright.  That did help.  I have a few more questions about a few more outlines in the remainder of the paragraphs in that lesson   28: "…Harry Stone in the opening as cashier in our arkn"?  Is it a shortform for Arkansaw? After that it continues "I can not spli his home address…" Spli?   29: "I am leaving for the east coast by at I shall be"  Be at?   Thanks again

  3. 28. Dear John: On May 5 I shall put Henry Stone in the opening as cashier in our Akron h척tel. I cannot supply his home address but I shall get it in a day or so. Bob

    Akron is a rather large city in Ohio. The o is left out because it is an indistinct vowel (schwa). 🙂

    29. …Coast but I shall be back for our May fishing trip. George

    Beware not to transcribe the Simplified brief form "but" as "be at." In Anniversary, we just use "b" for "but," but in Simplified, the form "bt" is used to lessen hesitation in transcription.

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