Pre-Anniversary Phrase Book…

I need to buy a Pre-Anniversary Shorthand Phrase Book but need to know how many numbered pages there are. Can anyone help please? There is a 1924 edition. The 1930 edition has 97 numbered pages. Thanks to all.

(by anniversary2696 for everyone)

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  1. Hi there across the pond! As promised in our private correspondence I looked in all my seven phrase books and all are clearly Anniversary (1930) though I do think that number eight is lurking somewhere. I seem to remember seeing 1924alone in one of them, and if I remember correctly it was the same book. I suspect that the 1930 edition is the 1924  edition with an additional copyright but actually the same book since the Anniversary deletions would not directly effect phrasing. I'll keep looking though I do think that the changes in Simplified were the first to directly effect thwriting of brief forms and phrasing. I personally do not like the designation "Pre- Anniversary" for the foundational 1901 and 1916 materials. It would be like refering to later editions as "Gregg-Lite"!        DOC

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