Is this the way to go?

I am just going to start learning Gregg Shorthand…..well I did take it YEARS ago in high school and forgot it all. I bought Gregg Shorthand Simplified for Colleges Volume One 짤 1953 on Ebay, and I wondered if anyone had any ideas on if this would be the best way to go? Also, I was hoping to be able to devote 1/2 an hour every day to learning, is that enough time, or should I try for a full hour? I am a full time student, so my time is a bit limited.


(by klb for everyone)

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  1. Welcome to the group. Go for it! The Simplified Series is a good one to study and your book purchase was appropriate. If you only have 30 min to spend, do that. You will find though, that you will be spending more time with it, once you start getting into it. And since you've learned it before, you will be surprised that things will come back.

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