DJS – McGraw-Hill 1963 vs. 1971 editions

I am just beginning to learn shorthand using the Diamond Jubilee Series. I got overly excited about purchasing used textbooks and have the complete set (Shorthand,Dictation,Transcription, and Speed Building) published by McGraw-Hill from both the 1963 edition as well as the 2nd Edition books published in 1971. I must say that I much prefer the 1963 edition of the Gregg Shorthand book because it contains the answers to the exercises in the back. I was also able to find the workbook for the Shorthand (yellow) as well as the dictation(blue/green). I admit that it helps for a beginner like myself to be able to access the answers in the back to help with my learning. I also enjoy using these answers to write shorthand and then compare this with the well-written shorthand in the lessons. I don’t know why these answers were not supplied with the edition published in 1971.
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  1. I think the reason the answers weren't provided in some texts was that they were designed for a classroom setting, where a stumped student could ask a teacher or classmate for help.  Yes, they would have to wait until the next day to get the answer, but it forced them to think a little harder before giving up on an outline.  My Simplified manual has instructions for writing down unknown outlines on an index card, then after finishing the lesson, going back and trying to figure them out again, then if you still can't figure them out, to ask at school the next day.  I was feeling dejected when I started my manual, which has no solutions in the back, because there was noone I could ask for help on outlines.  That's why I started this group.  True, I could have just bought a text that had the solutions, but this was cheaper!   ________________________ Go, Speedwriter, go!

  2. My DJS book (which I gave to a second hand store as I thought I was done with shorthand) had a separate book with the answer key.  Can't remember the year of it, but late 60's I think or early 70s (from what I recall of the pictures of the secretary's dress and ideas in it).  It was just a little paperback book with all the transcription of the notes in it.  I had another shorthand book I bought from a yard sale (now gone too) that had the same thing, a spearate key.  Can't remember what version the other shorthand book was, it was a small purple one I think, I didn't know there was different versions then… Debbi

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