all books on Gregg Shorthand

So far I have:
(–Gregg Shorthand Anniversary Edition
5000 Most-Used Shorthand Forms
Fundamental Drills in Gregg Shorthand
Gregg Speed Studies & Graded Readings in Gregg Shorthand
Gregg Shorthand Phrase Book
Gregg Shorthand Dictionary–) all in Anniversary.
What other Gregg Shorthand Anniversary style books can I start a search?

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  1. I would recommend two additional books for introductory shorthand: (1) "Gregg Shorthand, Functional Method, Vols 1 & 2", by Louis Leslie — in my opinion, by far the best book published for learning Anniversary, and (2) Gregg Speed Studies, Third Edition, by John R. Gregg — this one is much better than the two previous editions of the Gregg Speed Studies series.

    There are dictation, transcription, speed building, and reporting books designed for advanced study, but I would concentrate on the ones that you have and the two recommendations above for the time being, while you are still learning the system. After that, the sky is the limit.

  2. Chuck,   I didn't realize that I have Gregg Shorthand Functional Method 1 & 2 already.  I was trying to sell them on ebay.  You told me that the Functional Method is 'the best book published for learning Anniversary'.  I dug it out of some of the other versions of Gregg Shorthand I had bought.  I have already started studying thanks to you!   I am wondering, should I do as Leslie prescribes which is to read (only) the first assignment then after mastering go on to the next assignment taking in sequential order  upto and including assignment 21.  Then, at assignment 22, read and write.

  3. and…how do I find out if Gregg Speed Studies is the 3rd Edition.  Is it the copyright?  My version of Gregg Speed Studies, by John Robert Gregg, S.C.D. does not have a 3rd edition.  I guess it is the first, although it was copyright in 1917, 1919, and then in 1929.

  4. Yes — the functional method is exactly that: you read a lot of well written shorthand before you start writing on lesson 22.  The reason for that is that he wants you to deduce the rule from the examples.  If you are stuck, then you can go to the regular manual for additional explanations, or ask to your teacher (or nowadays, ask here in the forum).  The two volumes provide a lot of well written and entertaining material.  Plus there a lots and lots of words and phrases, and the key is at the end.   Gregg Speed Studies, 3d edition (1944), is here:   Do a search on "gregg speed" on eBay and you will find it.  The preanniversary 1919 edition is the same as the 1917 edition — they just changed some of the pictures.

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