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Hello…My name is Deb and I just recently joined this group.  I am (trying) to learn shorthand by myself, and have become fascinated with this site and with shorthand in general!
I am studying the Diamand Jubilee Series, and have run across something I cannot transcribe.  Was hoping someone could help me out? 
In the manual, on page 35, paragraph 29:
“Mrs. Gates:  I have your letter asking me to act as chairman of your meeting in March.  I am afraid ______ that I cannot do so.”
It is fustrating at times to not have the answer, or a teacher when I cannot transcribe something.  Suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
(by gaudetted for everyone)

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  1. Hi Deb, I know what you mean by frustrating, but look on the bright side–no teacher means you have to think extra hard before giving up on an outline. Then, there's always this group to help; welcome!

    In my manual it's paragraph 31 (DJS 2nd Ed.).
    "Mrs. Stone…I am afraid, though, that I cannot do so."

    Praise the Lord, I saw the light line!

  2. Thanks, John.   And you are so right about having to work a little harder before giving up on an outline…….around 8pm last night, I figured that outline out while I was trying to "decipher" another outline in the following paragraph!  Definetly a DUH moment.  I completely forgot the upward "th"……   Thanks so much for replying.  It's such a blessing to have this group!   Deb

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