GSS, 3 ed. pg 12

13.  [The first form?] I may go to the lake by rail.  [Is it ‘Allen’?  If so, why isn’t it marked with the capitalization?]

14.  Mary [not marked with capitalization marks] are you eager to go to the great game?  [Why are some names with capitalization and others without?] …. He can be [came?] to.  …. Our team will be [clad?] in red and green.  …. Will you go with me?  nan [without capitalization marks]

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  1. The first form is Allen. It is not marked as capitalized, because in salutations or signatures of letters it is not necessary to mark it.

    On 14: He can be calm too. … Our team will be clad in red and green. … Will you go with me? Nan.

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