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  1. Actually, when I joined, the price was $30. A bargain, considering the work the instructor has put in.   But it's Series 90.   After I'd joined THIS group, I learned that S90 is quite different from DJS. I had learned DJS in the early 70's and still had DJS brief forms appearing under my pen for no apparent reason. So I stopped and have been working on DJS (and collecting books.)   And then, of course, everybody badmouthed S90, so how could I admit to taking the course?   We do have a Series 90 writer in our membership, but she hasn't posted for a while.

  2. Sidhetaba,  BE PROUD that you started in Series 90. Each edition of Gregg    Shorthand has its particular benefits. If any one of the editions were the only one available, it still presents a system of light line stenography that offers unique qualities not found in other systems. Do not let anyone talk you into changing editions unless you feel the need. A Series 90 writer with speed and accuracy has no reason to be made to feel inadequate to writers of any other edition. Series 90 and Simplified are still being sold in bookstores so that speaks volumes as to their durability!   DOC

  3. DOC – Actually, I did Notehand then DJS in the 1970's, and a DJS refresher in the late 80's, but didn't use it. I joined the S90 class thinking it was the same, not having had the benefit of the collective wisdom of this group prior to signing up.   I stopped doing any work on the S90 because I found my pen doing things differently than the instructor's without real volition, and so it became clear that the DJS was embedded. I've been working on my DJS since then, with the odd overlay of Simplified.

  4. One interesting thing is that the Expert Speed Building Books for both DJS and S90 are exactly the same in terms of the principles and organization — the material is slightly different. That tells you that you can go from one to the other relatively easily, because they use the same shortcuts for speeds in excess of 100 wpm. (The DJS book has practice material to 175 wpm and the S90 book to 170 wpm; the S90 book has less chapters).

    I never understood why these shortcuts were not introduced early in the study of shorthand; it is like learning something to then later on unlearn it.

  5. Actually, some of the expert shortcuts in DJS, S90, and Simplified are brief forms in Anniversary, so you are correct. However, at reporting speeds, Anniversary (and Pre-Anniv for that matter) uses additional shortcuts beyond the brief forms in the manual. Some of these Anniv shortcuts are also used in Simplified, DJS, and S90.

  6. That's what I thought. In her handwritten Gregg, her vowels went the wrong way and really looked like she had laboured over them.   Not at all like yours, Ms Letha, which really look like you're comfortably familiar and can write at speed, or yours, Kevin, which is beautiful, but I have trouble reading because it's Anny.   See Help….I'm new  

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