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Howdy Shorthand fans!

I am new to this, just getting aquainted. I bought an antique shorthand book, and found it rather intruiging. I also realized that it seems to be a special book, and wondered if you might suggest to me how I might determine its possible history and worth? I have a feeling it is rather special, and am not neccessarily really looking to sell it, although, perhaps I might. I am actually a real sucker for old books, and obsess over their histories. Anyone know anything about this type of thing?
It is entitled:
Greg Shorthand:
Anniversary Edition
Copyright: 1893, 1901 by John R Gregg
Copyright: 1916, 1929 by the Gregg Publishing Company
Copyrighted in USA, Great Britain and Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.The book is deep brownish purple, and is a little worn on the corners, while the binding is in perfect order, with no wear for the worse.
Is this a find, or is it just another ole book?

(by got_crow for everyone)

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  1. If you are asking the book's value as a collectible, it is not a rarity — in fact, it is a very common book.  The book was reprinted many times.  I understand that at one point, the Gregg Shorthand Manual had the highest circulation of any book in the world within the lifetime of the author (John R. Gregg died in 1948).  A short history of the book is actually printed on the Preface.   But if you're asking about the contents, then it is invaluable!    Mostly, because shorthand is not taught anymore and we consider Gregg as one of the best systems to study.  In fact, Gregg Shorthand became the standard for business dictation in the US.

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