I was thinking, why doesn’t this forum abandon this MSN group and get a proper forum from phpBB? We could either try to sneak onto another Gregg site, or even try for a dot com address. And we’d now be able to edit! I think this would be a good idea, but I’m not sure how feasible it would be.

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  1. GAG!!!!! I get these posts perfectly fine via email, and I absolutely
    LOATHE message board environments.

    Of course, nobody's saying you couldn't start up your own message board.

    _Pie_Man_ wrote:

    >I was thinking, why doesn't this forum abandon this MSN group and get a proper forum from phpBB? We could either try to sneak onto another Gregg site, or even try for a dot com address. And we'd now be able to edit! I think this would be a good idea, but I'm not sure how feasible it would be.

  2. Hey Pie Man, thanks for the suggestion–it's a possibility.  I like php for its attractive layout and many helpful features, like usage statistics.  Editing posts is a really big plus, too.  Here are some reasons I've been sticking with MSN.   * Easier to find; people can search MSN groups to get to us. * Ability to upload pictures from hard drive, which is nice for shorthand since it can't be typed.  I think on php you can only insert a picture from the web. * It's free!  Don't have to pay for a domain name. * Afraid of change.  Just kidding!  (…but I really am).   ____________________________ Go, Speedracer, go!

  3. About paying for a domain name… That's why I suggested perhaps mooching off another Gregg site, like the angelfishy one (if we're alowed).

    About being easier to find, I beg to differ. When I first began shorthand, I found the angelfishy site way before this message board. I wasn't searching MSN groups, but rather Google. I found this forum via Wiipedias article. I really don't think many people search the MSN groups for "Gregg Shorthand".

  4. And to double post, I just thought of a few more pros

    Firstly, mmeahan, I believe that there is a setting in phpBB boards, which allows you to get responses to your posts, or any posts you specify delivered to your inbox.

    Secondly, I think we'd attract more people, as not all people have a .NET Passport. I know a few people who wouldn't join this, just because they rather the Yahoo message boards.

  5. I like thinking things through like this.  Here are some defenses of my original reasons.  I still like the php idea, so it is a possibility.  Thank you for bringing it up.   1) Mooching…not a bad idea.    2)  Found other sites first.  We are already on the Angelfishy site (thanks Andrew), so it wouldn't have been any easier to find us if we were using php.  The only difference is that the forum link on Angelfishy connects to an MSN forum instead of a php one.  Back when the Gregg Group was founded, Marc^3's website was the only one around, and we weren't linked from it like we are now (thanks Marc) so the MSN advantage was significant.  You may be right now though, that people will probably find us through search engines first, with the increased number of sites linking to us these days, and never have to resort to searching MSN groups.   3) I might be wrong on this, but I think php only allows you to request replies to a particular thread by email.  So, you wouldn't see new threads until you went into the forum.  By the same token, I'm afraid to say that, although a large number of our members receive posts by email, that the form world is moving away from the email system.   4) If someone wouldn't join us because they prefer Yahoo, then wouldn't they also refuse to join php?  If we relocated to Yahoo, there would be those who prefer MSN refusing to migrate over.  I have memberships in both Yahoo and MSN, and personally I prefer the latter for our purpose because it lets you upload pictures from your hard drive.  I find it more user friendly as well, cleaner looking, and prefer MSN's method of listing only the thread topics as opposed to Yahoo lisiting all threads and their replies…too much to sort through.  Of course, some are more accustomed to Yahoo and will prefer it because of that.  Yahoo also has the advantage of searchability, but we have kind of taken care of that problem.   Keep 'em comin'!   _________________________________ Go, Speedwriter, go!

  6. If I remember correctly, registering for a .NET passport is a real pain in the ass. Resistering for a phpBB forum only asks for 3 things. Username, e-mail, and password. Registering on the forum is easy, unlike trying to join an MSN group with a yahoo email adress.

    About recieveing posts via e-mail, well that isn't a forum. Thats called a mailing list. If people wan't that, they should join a Gregg Shorthand mailing list. A forum is a bullitain board, which requires you to go onto it and check. Like I said though, phpBB has mods. I found that mod, and it allows users to watch a forum, and every time a new topic (not message) is created, they get an email. If that isn't exactly what you want, you could keep searching, or perhaps request it. There are so many mods, I'm sure theres something that will work for you.

  7. I actually have server space that is paid for. I'm presently working on getting email-based discussion to work on it. When I do, I was planning on making a similar suggestion . . . that we can move the discussion off MSN. The server allows me to set up as many sites as I want, but it requires a fair amount of server admin powers that I have forgotten. 🙂

    Along those lines, I also have software (wiki-based) that would allow this community here to help create and manage content on that site. If you can author an email, you can create content using the wiki I'm talking about.

    So, if y'all can be patient, I can provide everything but the domain name free of charge . . .


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