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Having been retired for about 10 years, I seized upon reviewing my High School Gregg shorthand as a means of keeping my mind active–it will have no practical; use to me other than that and maybe to facilitate everyday notewriting.  I’ve spent many enjoyable evenings reading the questions and comments of the group and some of them have cracked me up!  I finished Gregg Simplified in about a month and am now working my way through Anniversary.  I’m now on Unit 7 and using some of the advice given by group members.  Many thanks.

(by jewel for everyone)

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  1. Welcome Jewel to the group! It's great to see people studying and reviewing Gregg all over again. I agree with you, it definitely keeps your brain active, in fact, I think it's good therapy. You mention that you're studying Anniv right now. What version of shorthand did you learn in high school?

  2. Jewel, Hi and welcome! Shorthand has lots of uses. personal journal rough draft for letters, e-mails, etc. shopping lists phone messages notes in church, seminars, classes calendars and day planners on paper And you can have fun just writing things in shorthand, books you read or newspaper articles you like, just to keep up the skill.  Debbi

  3. Chuck, In answer to your query, I studied the Gregg Simplified version in High school but at that time, I'm ashamed to say, I didn't apply myself to it very well but now I'm making up for all that lost time and enjoying every minute of it.         

  4. Jewel, I was thinking about this and there was this post What do you do with your Shorthand knowledge? – link. More ideas to what you can use your shorthand for.  So you could start using Simplified for everything and then as you learn anniversary, use those outlines. Debbi

  5. DebbiAvon1 Thanks for all of the tips.  My main goals now are to continue reading and writing through Anniversary, paying strict attention to stroke proportion and accuracy.  At this stage I believe that the extra time spent on these will reap benefits before beginning other facets of study such as speed building, etc.

  6. Wow, you learned Simplified in High School — that's great!  No wonder you finished the book within a month.  I'm sure that most of the stuff came back once you read the book.   The transition from Simplified to Anniversary should not be difficult, especially since the brief forms in Simplified are contained in Anniversary.  In Anniv you will learn more analogical endings and beginnings, more brief forms, and more words written using the abbreviating principle — in other words, it is more to memorize, but you're almost there, no need to panic.  The other thing different is the use of the reversed circle for expressing the R sound, and the absence of the -rd stroke.  If you enjoyed Simplified, you would definitely like Anniv.   Don't hesitate to post any questions you have here in the forum.

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