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I went to the link that is here Shorthand but I couldn’t get any iformation on study. Are these classes still available? If so could someone send me the information on them? I would like to learn DJS.

Thank you,
Michael Pearce

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  1. Welcome, Michael, I see you are new to the group.   There is only a Series 90 online class at the moment. This particular version of Gregg, Series 90, has not received favourable reviews from this group, nor has the online class.   The Shorthand Classes link takes you to Ms Letha's website, which is still a work in progress. I'm waiting to sign up, too.   Most of the people in the group who are learning Gregg, whichever series, are learning by self-instruction and consultation with the senior Gregg writers in this group.   I'm working on DJS myself, from textbooks I have purchased on and others in the group have purchased their books from   Lots of our members are working on Anniversary, and you can find complete texts online for Anny on Andrew Owen's site (DangerArranger) at   Here's a link to another discussion which has good information for another beginner:   beginner!    That includes a link to Marc Semler's site:, which has a page explaining how to get started.   Good luck!

  2. Texts on Diamond Jubilee Series   If you go to the above thread, you'll find Chuck's explanation of all the DJS books, from the basic text to the penultimate Speed Building. I think the last book is Gregg Expert Speed Building.   Please correct me, group members.   Michael, why did you choose DJS? I chose it because I learned DJS in the 70's, and then never used it, but still remembered some.

  3. thanks for the link. I chose DJS because after reading posts here and on the ShorthandShorthandShorthand site and a few others, they recommended DJS. My main uses will be for business and personal. I would like it to help record phone conversations, and brainstorming sessions that I have for work. Being I live in Japan and my partner lives in the US we do a lot of work on the phone. I would also like to use it for personal notes.

  4. Hello Everyone,

    I have "The Diamond Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant written in Gregg
    Shorthand. Shorthand plates were written by George Gregg Gingell. This
    little book was published by "The Gregg Publishing Company" in 1923.

    Question: Do you want to scan this book and put a link on this website?
    Also the translation?

    I have this wonderful book but am not profienent enough yet in Gregg
    shorthand to read it. Can someone help me? My phone number is

    Nita Bandy
    [email protected]

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