Notehand or Shorthand or Both?

I learned my shorthand from a book entitled: ‘Gregg Notehand’ published in 1960. It doesn’t have the same set of brief forms as the simplified version (for example “n” does not stand for ‘not’ and “t” is not a brief form for ‘at’) yet it is pre-diamond jubilee. Can anyone tell me the about notehand vs shorthand or is it transitional system?

Thank you.

(by mhakes for everyone)

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  1. Gregg Notehand is a short discussion about Notehand.   Notehand, as you may have guessed from it's name, was not designed to attain high speeds, but to speed up the process of taking notes for students. It has few brief forms.

  2. I have dabbled a little in both simplified and notehand. In notehand there are little or no blends. No tm, dm, etc. And by far less brief forms. By the way I am new to this group and am tickled to find it. I am in no way proficient in Gregg but have enjoyed studying the various forms of Gregg. I would consider my self a beginner though I have, off and on, tried to become proficient.

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