Hi everyone

Just joined. I’m a teen living in Canada. I’m just beggining to learn Anniversary. My hobby is writing systems particularly neographies and now stenographies. I choose Gregg because the alphabetis systems looked lame and Pitman would require me to drag around a fountain pen or some such thing to make the shaded strokes.

(by -kahlesstheunforgettable for everyone)

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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. MSN is being strange and so if I appear later as someone else I will so inform everyone. Pitman dominating Canada is too bad, I read somewhere that Gregg was the most popular in America, and like most Canadians, assumed it meant North America. I have a Pitman course that was found in my attic, small with a dark blue cover if anyone knows what I'm talking about, but I decided in favour of Gregg anyway.   I've already checked out those sites, both of which are very cool. I'm already using the Anniversary manual pdf from the angelfishy site.

  2. Hi, there, Kahless..

    Welcome to the board. You'll find the community very helpful in your studies in Gregg.

    You chose a very good version of Gregg, in my opinion. While more difficult than newer versions, Anniversary and Pre-Anniversary Gregg have stellar potential–and I say this as a Pitman writer.

    Good luck to you in finding material, though. In Canada, Pitman dominated except in Quebec. (You wouldn't need a fountain pen for Pitman, though–a pencil works just fine, and a ballpoint will work, if not as well)

    You might want to take a look at ShorthandMarc's website for learning tips, and Andrew's Angelfishy site for instruction materials. To wit:



  3. Kahless:

    If you start digging deeply into the posts, you'll see that quite a bit of ink has been spilled about the history of shorthand. From my own perspective, it's VERY interesting, full of skullduggery, back-biting, lies and fraud, especially in the US.

    I know somewhat the history of Shorthand in the UK, too, but my knowledge of Canadian systems is rudimentary. I do know Pitman dominated English-speaking Canada but don't have any idea why. Do you? (It seems that the only place Gregg really dominated was the US. Don't know why, either. Gregg is a fine system…)

    I know this is getting off the subject, but appreciate any knowledge you might have on the subject..

  4. I believe the reason that Pitman is popular in Anglophone Canada is because it likely spread here from Great Britain while we were still the Dominion of Canada, and had greater ties there. Francophone Canada is likely the exeption because Quebec has never been particularly fond of Britian (or France, or the rest of Canada for that matter).

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