Read me! aka Hi, I’m new here.

I geuss I should have posted this before the other one. My name is Annastasia, I’m 16 and I live in the U.S.A.  When I was little, I used to write in shorthand(not knowing that I was doing it). The book that I’m working with is the Gregg Shorthand Dictionary from 1916, it’s kinda out of date but it works. The management of this group is very good. Hope to get to know you all better.
Have a nice day.

(by annastasia for everyone)



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  1. Hi, Annastasia!  I'm a former parliamentary stenographer and now a teacher of stenography in Brazil.  I've always defended the thesis that stenography should be taught to children.  Just as a curiosity, take a look at Larissa, a brazilian 6 years old girl.  She is learning shorthand with her mother, who is a stenographer.  Her father is the Chief of the Hansard at the brazilian Parliament.  Although Larissa still has milk teeth, she is fond of reading, practices ballet, swimming and sometimes works as a model.  In her sparetime she plays with dolls and plays games in Internet. She loves stenography and is very interested in learning it.  And always asks her mother: "Mommy, I want to learn the next lesson…" The link to see Larissa is:

  2. I have a book Graded Readings in Gregg Shorthand from 1919 or thereabouts and it's geared towards Jr. High schools.  At least that's what it says in the introduction.  I tried to learn shorthand in high school on my own (wasn't available at schools) but too hard for me, no patience to learn and wasn't dedicated.  But if someone at any age wants to really learn and can, I see no age limits. Debbi

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