Alternative to slow punctuation notation in Simplified

 Do people really write double underlines to show capitalization?   That takes up so much time.  Also, drawing circles around commas is time consuming.   Maybe I have interpreted the Simplified Manual incorrectly?

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  1. When you are going at speed, leave out the punctuation — it isn't really necessary, except for the period. When you go to transcribe it, the punctuation just follows grammatical rules, if you want to transcribe it. If it's for your own use, you'll figure it out. We don't speak using puncutation comma so why should we write it when we are writing what people are saying?   As for capital indicators, I leave them out if i'm going fast, and then when there is a pause, I put them in. Usually context tells me whether it's a name or not when I transcribe.   Ms Letha? Marc? Chuck?    

  2. I do the double underline for the caps, but mine are quickly done and just two quick marks, think the breif from "it" written twice under a word.  This way I know that is' capitalized and helps in my transcription, but that's me as I need the help.  I only write end of sentence puncutation when going fast.  If I have time then I add commas, etc.  Debbi

  3. Just to make sure…you don't actually underline the word, it's two forward-slanting tick marks after/below the word.  I always assumed they were written from top to bottom, more like a "sh" than a "t".  Is that wrong?   __________________ Shorthand: isn't it about time?

  4.  That makes sense.   Thank you for the advice.    I would limit capitalization to where I think I'll need it to be able to read it back after I've written it.   And the upward ticks, yes that would be much faster.

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