Does anyone know what version of Gregg I’ve been learning?

Hi all,
Very happy to have found this resource!  I started learning recently from sheafs (excerpts) taken off the internet, and find it fascinating.   Keen to thoroughly learn the language, and think I’ve gone far enough to warrant picking out a proper book, but I have no idea which version of Gregg I am (half-way through) learning.  One key difference I’ve noticed is that the “I” sound (eg. “my” or “tie”) is a big O with a small extra bit of ink on the inside.  It doesn’t seem to be the anniversary edition.  Any ideas which version I am using?

(by berrymerry for everyone)

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  1. Oops – sorry. The teacher from the online S90 course referred me to werelight for transcription tests, and identified it as S90, so I didn't check any further.   It does look like Charles Rader's writing — did he do S90, too?   Marc, do you remember what series he started doing the plates?   Isn't there a copyright issue?

  2. Then it must be S90.  Yes, S90 was written by Mr. Rader.   I believe Mr. Rader started writing plates with the second edition of Simplified.  Did you know that he learned Anniversary using the Functional Method?  He was one of Louis Leslie's students.

  3. NO! Jerry Edleman wrote all the S90 texts. He's a wonderful person now living in Florida.

    Rader wrote some Anniversary texts, too, didn't he? I'll have to verify that when I get home but I think he started with some of the last Anniversary books.


  4. Thanks for the warm welcome!   And yes, the website is werelight (sorry, should have posted the link!).  I just went out and bought the gregg simplified manual so will try this for a bit first, at least get to a decent speed and then maybe look at other versions.  I'm still too new to shorthand to know which version is right for me, but definitely look forward to learning more.    Will keep checking this forum for all the great advice.  Thanks!!

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