Temporary Documents Section

I am very sorry that the Documents section is still on the fritz.  Until it is fixed, keep in mind that you can attach documents to your posts.  I am attaching one here–try stretching it across your desktop background for some stenografun!
Praise the Lord, I saw the light line!

(by johnsapp for everyone)


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  1. John — I got in contact with Microsoft about not being able to upload documents in IE.  They told me that the problem is that one of the files in the Documents section has an apostrophe, and their MSN File Upload tool doesn't work with apostrophes on file names.  The file in question is "Dana's note.jpg".  Could you rename that file?  A good thing to know not to do.

  2. Wow, after all this time, it was something so simple. They mentioned the apostrophy thing before, but I understood it to mean that a file with an apostrphy can't be uploaded–mine didn't. Thanks again; let the uploading begin!

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