hints in margin

Does anybody else find the hints in the margin of the simplified manual’s reading and writing practice, off the mark? You know, the ones that are supposed to “help with the outlines that may stump you”. They ,time and time again, give a hint for an outline that is obvious but for a real tough one, nothing. Is it just me?

(by eurekarider for everyone)

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  1. True enough, but bear in mind that the Simplified series was directed toward high-school students. This could be as young as 14 or more likely 15 or 16 and would likely have repesented a broad range of backgrounds and abilities. So there was probably a segment that benefited from these, and they were probably a sales point for the new series, which was launched in 1949. brian

  2. I don't particularly care about these marginal reminders.  They were introduced in Simplified to aid transcription.  In S90 the outlines were colored.  In Centennial, in addition to coloring those special outlines, they were footnoted and the reminder was placed at the bottom of the paragraph, instead of the margins.

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