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Hi. I’m new to Gregg and am wondering what the major differences are between the versions. I know you guys get this question all the time (having read half a dozen of them already on the discussion board) and I already took a look at the comparison, but I still have questions. What are the major differences between the systems? I guess what I am asking is, If I learned one system, DJS for example, would I be able to read anniversary? Forget the breif forms, how alike are the mechanics? thanks for the help. 

(by -strawman- for everyone)

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  1. The system of writing is virtually identical between all the systems. Some of the later (and slower) systems lose some strokes, such as DJS losing the "jent" and "div" strokes, but other than that,all the versions use the same alphbet strokes.

  2. If you learn an early version (Anniv, Pre-Anniv), you wouldn't have problem reading a newer version (such as DJS, S90, etc.). Going from a newer version of Gregg to an earlier version is less straightforward because of the abundance of brief forms, abbreviated words, analogical endings and beginnings, and phrases in the earlier versions. Also, there are other differences:

    1. Pre-Anniversary, Anniversary, and Simplified (to some extent) have diacritical marks for vowel sounds. These are not used in DJS or later.

    2. Pre-Anniversary and Anniversary use the reverse circle to express the combination "circle vowel + R" before or after straight line consonants. Simplified adds the stroke "rd" for the combination "r + d".

    3. Verb past tenses in DJS and later are always joined to the word, whereas in Simplified or earlier they may be expressed by a disjoined t.

    4. The JNT-PNT blend is lost in DJS and later versions.

    5. The method of joining the o-hook to the R or L strokes was changed in DJS.

    6. Brief forms may have a different outline depending on the series. For example, the word "work" is a brief form in all versions, but it is written "u – k" in DJS, whereas it is written "r – k" in all other versions.

    So, if you learn DJS and want to read Anniversary, you need to know the additional principles specific to Anniversary.

  3. I vote for Simplifed (1949 thru 1963). It doesn't burden the memory with excessive brief forms, but adapts well to advanced types of Gregg (medical, legal, reporting) if one wishes to move beyond the basic level to an advanced level. Brian

  4. Oh, okay. I remember being so excited to learn them from Ms. Letha, since, while learning Simplified, I was frustrated that there was no way to distinguish vowel sounds. That's why I was surprised to see you mention Simplified having them. Maybe there were some in the beginning…I probably didn't notice.

  5. Oh, and no, we don't celebrate Boxing Day. It was just my sneaky way of trying to make up for not wishing the group a Merry Christmas on time (and to show how smart and sophisticated I am).

    Praise the Lord, I saw the light line!

  6. If you check the dictionary and the beginning lessons, I believe that they put diacritical marks in some of the vowels to express the long and short sounds — just for a few words.  I may be mistaken though.   Do we celebrate boxing day here?

  7. Well I know that there are vowel indicaters in anniversary: a dot and a dash for each vowel group. I've been trying to use them, but since they have to be written before or after writing the word the phrasing gets all screwed up. I guess it could become like doting I's and crossing T's in cursive, but it will just slow ya down. I can see why no one uses them.   Anyway, thank you all for the mechnics lesson. Ive just finished unit one in the anniversary manual. heres hoping I'll keep with it. thanks again. -strawman- 

  8. OK, now I realize why there is a confusion with Simplified and diacriticals.   The first edition of the Simplified manual discusses the use of diacriticals for the circle vowels in Lesson 3 (paragraphs 12 and 13) and for the u-hook in Lesson 13 (Paragraph 99).  These were left out from the second edition of the manual.  No diacriticals for the o-hook were discussed in the Simplified manual.   So, depending on which edition of the Simplified manual, you would know about diacritical marks and their use in Simplified.

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