How do you check writing speed?

Forgive me if I’ve missed this information in previous discussions, but how does everyone check their shorthand writing speed?

Many years ago, I had a set of Gregg dictation writing practice aids (cassettes, I think), but they must have disappeared in one of my moves. As I haven’t seen anything comparable in eons, what does everyone do to check actual writing speed?

(by wordwrangler2 for everyone)

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  1. Online dictation site & sound file recording – link with ideas on how to do your own recordings from shorthand text in your books onto your computer (i've done some myself and it's pretty easy) or you could use a tape recorder or some other recording device.  That's how I've always done it.  I did have some records I found at a second hand store (might still have them some where) and that worked nice, but this is one way of doing it. Self-dictation – link with moreinformation on this subject. Dictation – link has dictation times for 20 standard words. Good luck. Debbi

  2. Thanks, Debbi!

    Your suggestion seems the easiest and best thing to do. What's more, the material would be current, as opposed to old recordings that don't reflect today's subject matter or manner of speaking.

    No doubt others will find this info useful as well.

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