In love with Anniversary, but..

Ok. So I started out learning the Series 90 edition of GS, then I discovered the beauty and splendor of Anniversary! Yes I’m in love with Anny, BUT..
I frustrated by how it’s set up! Where you see an outline for something that you haven’t learned yet? And when I have to make an outline for a word that has not be introduced in outline yet? That really slows down my learning because I have to go back later and check what in the world the outline is supposed to be!
Also, what’s up with the dot and dash under vowels that are like *never* used?
I can tell why it’s possible to reach incredible speeds with this version, but geez louise help me get through trying to learn it first!

(by misssuzzette for everyone)

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  1. Actually the Functional Method I have does the same thing about having an outline for a principle you haven't learned yet.  I just knew them because I'd skip ahead and learn the principle before finishing the last lesson/assignment… but in other cases I'd just skip them and I never really worried about going back.  And you don't have to go back to see the outline. In real life you will come across words you don't know the outline for and you will have to make your best guess at what it could be.  So just spell out the outline the best you can and move on.    For those dots and dashes those are used in the drills so that you can see what the word is, how it's pronounced.  In the letters and sentences, they aren't used because you will know them by the content of the setence.  You don't have to write them if you're writing the drills.  YOu can use them if you get anoutline confused with another continuelly, but I never use them.  I just ignore them even in the drills because I've never really learned them so if I do see them I have no idea which sound they're suppose be.   Good luck with you continued learning of Anniversary. Debbi

  2. Oh if you come across an outline you don't know, just take your best guess, check the next assignment or just skip it.  I've learned anniversary and in reading various books sometimes I'll come to an outline I can't make out and there's no key.  So I just do the above (best guess, check preview words or lessons with that principle, or skip the word).  And then maybe later I'll learn it from another letter or article.  I just don't spend too much time stressing on it as this is a hobby for me and although I love it, it's not that critical for me.  But that's me… Debbi

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