H-dot first or last?

Just a little question. Is the H-dot written before or after a word is written? and is the H-dot, like the vowel indicaters, left out? thanks for the help. -Strawman-

(by -strawman- for everyone)

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  1. Thanks for the quick answers. This questrion has been bugging me ever since I started. and sorry to repeat questions. ya know,  it would be realy helpful if all these basic questions (you know, those four or five things that are asked over and over and over and over and over…..)  could be found in one place. thanks again. -Strawman-

  2. Put the h-dot in after you write the outline; otherwise, you wouldn't be sure where to put it. It's just like crossing a 't' or dotting and 'i'.   Speaking only for the Simplified version (1949-1963), the h-dot is always written, expect for brief forms. If one went on to the Expert level, the h-dot could be omitted if the meaning was clear from context.   Brian

  3. This question has been posed before, and the answer is that you write it before the vowel when the h is at the beginning of the word, and after if the h sound is in the middle of the word.  Why?  Because the h is the first sound of the word that you hear.   The h dot always goes above the vowel, so you know where to put it before you start writing.   So for example, the word "ahead", you write dot – dot – e – d.  You don't write e – d, then dot – dot.  By writing it first, you don't need to go back to the beginning of the word, allowing you to move to the next outline without hesitating and therefore write faster.   Click below for the full explanation, where I cite the reference for it (look for Message 5 in the discussion).


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