Newbie ? #2: How big should outlines be made?

like the title says: How big should outlines be made? I just got (or rather found spontaneously on a book shelf at my parents house) an Anniversary text book. On page 2 the book claims that “the size of the characters given in this manual will be a safe standard to adopt,” but man those are small outlines. My mother is the only flesh-and-blood person I know who knows anything about Gregg and she also thinks the outlines in the text are on the small side (which her old DJS taxtbook seems to confirm).    Help me out here guys. How big should outlines be written? From Gregg teaching or just common practice. Thanks again       

(by -strawman- for everyone)

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  1. Writing between the lines – link will help you with this. Writing Paper – link has more help on this, too.   Also it depends on your own handwriting.  I normally write longhand big and my shorthand is big too.  I've been working on that (Practice Practice Practice – link has some ideas) but it might always be bigger then others. Debbi

  2. The only problem with me trying to write my outlines smaller is I tighten up my hand and so I'm working on smaller outlines, in the Practice Practice Practice – link I used tracing paper to copy over shorthand outlines in a book and they're smaller then mine and it may help, plus I have a new little notebook I carry with small lines and using shorthand I have to write smaller.  I would like to write smaller, I just need to practice more.  I don't worry about using up paper, I buy the cheap steno pads from walmart that are 3 for about $2… and I figure it's used for a good cause: perfecting shorthand! Debbi

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