Best pen for beginner?

Can anyone advise me on a good, inexpensive pen I can buy at a regular stationery store that is suitable for practicing gregg with?  I’m very new to gregg (just working my way thru the simplified manual and on Chapter 9 now).  I’d prefer to not get anything too expensive just yet, but looking for a pen that is better than the ballpoint (BIC-type) pens I have been using.   And I have noticed that different pens I use create different gregg for me.   Still having trouble getting my gregg to flow properly and look like the text (especially the L’s!).

(by berrymerry for everyone)

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  1. I've been pleased with the Pentel R.S.V.P. Fine pens. They are ballpoint pens, but they roll very well and don't smudge. It is not heavy and lies comfortably on the fingers (I write with the cap off). With a light touch on the paper, you get nice outlines — you don't need to press hard to write.

    Another good pen, of the rollerball kind, is the Uniball Vision Elite.

    Like anything, try before you buy. You can go to any office supply store and try pens to your heart's content. That's what I do.

  2. Chuck,   Thanks for the great advice on pens.  I went to the local stationery store, was unable to find the exact pens you recommended (I'm located in Hong Kong), but I did find another Uniball pen called the Jetstream that I've been practicing with and it really does make a big difference.      It's light-weight and writes smoothly and evenly.  My outlines have (I think) improved already   Tracy

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