Medical shorthand and Zoology

What klind of prefixes and suffixes and special rule exist in medical shorthand? would the help in describing other science baced things, like zoology? or are these special rules more for recording things only in medicine. Thanks.      -Strawman-

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  1. Brian will have all the details — he's the only one I've seen post on medical forms –but I saw 3 medical shorthand texts (Simplified) on Abebooks yesterday.   I've never seen a zoology terms book, but in my library there's a handbound book on geological terms in Gregg.

  2. There are quite a few, and they vary dependent on the author and the series of shorthand. Here are some (from Gregg Medical Shorthand Manual, Elfie Smith, 1927):

    ante(i): disjoined a
    auto: u – t
    bi: b
    cardi: k – reverse a – d
    cephal: right s – e – f
    gastr: disjoined g
    hyper: ai – p – r
    hypo: ai – p
    macro: disjoined m
    micro: disjoined m – ai
    peri: disjoined p – e

    -iatrics: disjoined a – s
    -itis: disjoined t – s
    -uria: disjoined u

    Phrase words:

    canal: disjoined k
    cell: intersected right s
    disease: disjoined d
    duct: disjoined d
    fever: intersected f
    gland: disjoined g
    membrane: m-b
    tumor: intersected t
    vein: intersected v

    If there is a specific word, let us know.

  3. Look at the book by Effie Smither. Also look at Medical Secretary by Charles Rader. The medical affixes apply well to other scientific fields, like zoology.   I learned from the Simplified version (1949-1963), which is the last version for which a complete medical system was developed. Brian

  4. Effie Smither's book Medical Shorthand is a standard. I learned the Simplified version (1949-1963), which is the last version that had a complete medical shorthand. Also look at Rader's Medical Secretary. The medical affixes also apply to other scientific forms. Brian

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