Measurements for outlines available?

Are there any precise measurements of the characters? I have found only vague references to outlines, relative to a base line, in the Anniversary Edition; Diamond Jubilee Series, 2nd ed.; and Shorthand Manual Simplified. In Lesson 12, DJS, 2nd ed., paragraph 95 it states, “Gregg Shorthand is equally legible whether it is written on ruled or on unruled paper; consequently, you need not worry about the exact placement of your outlines on the printed lines in your notebook. You will be able to read your outlines regardless of their placement on the printed line. The main purpose that the printed lines in your notebook serves is to keep you from wandering uphill and downhill as your write.”
But, lines would be very useful in trying to learn to identify the individual characters. As an example, currently, the horizontal blue lines on a 3″ X 6″ index card are spaced about 1/4th of an inch apart (around 6cm, looks like). I’ve wanted to put the individual and groups of shorthand characters on home-made index cards in a consistent style, to use as flashcards, but it is hard without reference to line height.
I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

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  1. Hi Redshift0101011   Chuck does an excellent exposition on "measurements" for symbols in message 4 of this thread:   Writing Paper   and again in message 2 of this thread: Writing between the lines When I originally learned DJS, I had to do "proportion drills" — which I took to mean that the proportions of the relationships between symbols was more important than the actual size of the symbols.   I have a DJS pocket dictionary that has tiny outlines, the B is barely 3/8's of an inch tall, but it's all legible because they were written by Charles Rader and beautifully proportioned.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your excellent reference, it was very helpful. Are you aware of any available proportional measurements for outlines — like 'm', 'n' (and those that go below the line — how far below the line?) and other outlines that are horizontal?
    I practice on "Gregg ruled" stenopads that I buy at Walmart and those lines are horizontally spaced about 1/3 of an inch apart (versus the 1/4" of 3" X 6" ruled index cards). It was this difference, although apparently minor, that threw my sense of proper proportions off when I tried to make my own homemade flashcards.
    Thanks again!

  3. ShorthandMarc said: "I really hate to burst the bubble, but the outlines were written "regular" size and the pages were photographically shrunk for the minitature dictionaries!" Actually, I knew that because my fully size DJS dictionary looks exactly the same (same page numbers, same word starting the page) only bigger. But if I concentrate really hard, I can write almost that small — at the cost of considerable speed, however.

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