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Hi there all,

I thought that I’d start me first message. I am new to gregg shorthand. I have been doing it for a few months now (Simplified edition).

One thing that I have noticed is that there seems to be very little interest in Gregg SH in the UK, whereas Pitman SH seems to been (or at least used to be) a lot more popular.

I was woundering if anyone knows why Gregg’s is much more popular in the US while Pitman’s is much more polpular in the UK?

Cheers for any info.


(by stevennerobot for everyone)

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  1. Hi Steven, we've had a lot of discussion on that.  Dr. Gregg was actually from Ireland.  From what I gather, the system was banned in UK for a while for copyright infringement.  I'm a Simplified writer too–welcome to the group!

  2. Hi, Steven:

    I've done reams of research on this topic. Do you want the full, unabridged version, or the short version?

    The short one first: Dr. Gregg emigrated to the US; some genius marketing strategy on his part made Gregg Shorthand utterly dominate. Pitman Shorthand was relegated to Court Reporting, while Gregg Shorthand was relegated to every other purpose. By the 70s, Gregg had 95% of the market here.

    As John Sapp has said, Gregg was banned in the UK for a time; after that, there seemed to be no special reason to gravitate to Gregg. Pitman had refined itself by then, and was completely adequate for every purpose.

    And that's the short version!!

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