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I would like to open a thread for tracking the entries to the Wiktionary, so that anyone can participate.  I’m following the S90 dictionary, but the DJS and Simplified should work as well, since they are pretty comprehensive.  If you want to contribute to the project, just post a note with the ranges of words that you have entered.  You can do this in your spare time.
(Also, let’s all agree to write [dot] and not [h dot].)
Today, I entered from abacus to abbess.

(by Carlos for everyone)


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  1. Wow, they are amazingly detailed oriented. The comment implies that putting Gregg outlines in the English dictionary is improper. I can't think of a better place. The beauty of Wiktionary is that it doesn't have to limit the amount of space given to a topic, like in a written dictionary (or encyclopedia) does. It is English Gregg we are using, after all. I'm not sure it would work if we treated Gregg as a seperate language and made our own dictionary. Also, the dictionary includes abbreviations–we are adding super abbreviations!

    I figured the "Gregg" links should probably be internally referenced, but wasn't sure how. Next time I get a chance make some entries, I'll get it right.

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