Shorthand Items on Ebay

I was just searching and they have
304 items found for

Gregg Shorthand

They have over 600 just for shorthand alone!
That is a lot.  Usually whe I go and search there’s about 3 pages, less usually.  Today there are 7 pages for Gregg.
Just thought I’d let people know if they were looking for something specific or just want to see what they have.   Some are expensive so compare prices.
No I don’t have anything for sale or trying to up any bids… lol…
I’ve just found some nice books on there and thought others might want to take a look too.

(by debbiavon1 for

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  1. A search for just Shorthand brought up some interesting things…Shorthand Rubber Stamp – NEW it says it's 2.5 x 3.5".  Looks Gregg.  They have a shorthand dictionary one and it looks pitman but not sure…      

  2. Also, someone has just posted several issues of the Gregg Writer from 1909-1912.  They're pretty highly priced at $9.99 (each), but if someone wanted just a sample copy from that era it might be worth it.  The seller says postage is free, so there's a little savings there.   Alex

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