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  1. Having read the two Gregg biographies in which Anniversary is  discussed, and in which it is asserted that Anniversary was published around the time of Gregg's first wife's death, and because of his lack of participation , deficiencies reulted which took a decade and many supplementary books to eradicate, it is my humble opinion that the 1916 edition is Gregg at its most superlative and well worth the effort to master. For a lighter load Simplified seems to be the most logical choice. But as I have stated before, if whatever series that you are presently studying  and enjoying works for you, stick to it!      DOC

  2. For follow up, thought I'd let you know I won this little book ("The Teaching of Shorthand", 1916).  It is indeed autographed by Dr. Gregg, to "Mr. Jesse Shainwald", with a shorthand note "with compliments and good wishes".    The book itself, unfortunately, is a little damaged.  It looks like the pages must have been uncut at the bindery, and whoever separated them tore them apart rather than cutting them.  So the majority of the pages have little tears and rips along the edges.  Too bad–otherwise it's in pretty good shape.  I have an intact copy of the same book, though, so it's nice to have another example of Dr. Gregg's autograph.   (And by the way, it was interesting that no one bid against me for this item . . . I made an initial bid for the starting price and won it with that.)   Alex

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