Classroom instruction format anyone?

Can anyone out there tell me what the typical shorthand class was like in high school?  What did the students do each period?  I would like to try to emulate that in my self-study if I knew what to do, in what order, for how long, etc.  Thanks 🙂
~ Kim

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  1. I have a related similar question to Kim's

    When reading the texts I find that I spell the word in its shorthand form then say the word in all its natural glory, that is as it iscorrectly pronounced.

    So my question is, did I follow the directions correctly? I often have this nagging feeling when learning on my own that I'm doing it wrong. So at the end of my studies my shorthand will be awful but I'll have managed to learn to write Cyrilic instead.

  2. It has been a long time since I was in high school but this is what I remember doing.

    For the strokes and words we were say each stroke as we write it then say the word. With brief forms say the word the same time that you write it.

    For the Reading and Writing exercises we would read thru the exercise out loud, and when we came to a word that we didn’t know we would spell and sound out the word. All the words that we didn’t know we would practice writing it like the other words in the lesson.

    In the classroom we would take turns reading the “Reading and Writing Practices,” then practice the strokes and words in next lesson and ask questions. Then we would practice dictation at different speeds. We would read it back aloud and/or transcribe. If I remember correctly, our teacher would dictate our tests to us. Our homework was to write 5 or more pages and was handed in every day.

    Sometimes for fun, our teacher would find a fun or popular song instead of the boring dictation. Her favorite was “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.”

  3. I took a night course in Speedwriting.  We were at our own speed, so not much done together.   Some dictation though. We'd be given the new words to study, I can't remember if we wrote them, I've been doing that with the versions of Gregg I've been learning, so maybe.   Then we'd read the reading & writing exercises.  Then we'd copy them once from the book down one column of the steno pad, then once more down the second column reading from our own notes.  Then we'd take them from tapes (no I never saved them and since they were copywrited we were asked to just record over the tapes, she had one set and made copies for us).  Then we'd transcribe our notes copied from the textbook.  We were lucky, the books had keys in the back for each letter.   When we got better or finished the book, we took dictation from her.  I remember a lady doing Gregg and Speedwriting and going above 100 wpm… I was lucky if I got 80 with speedwriting when I finsihed… they pushed us to 100 but I could barely read my notes… Debbi

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