The Basic Principles of Gregg Shorthand

Hello, all.
I was the winner on E-Bay of a copy of “The Basic Principles of Gregg Shorthand”, copyright 1923.  It’s in pristine shape (good thing, because it was a little pricey–but this title is hard to find!).  Fun thing is, it’s autographed by Dr. Gregg inside the front cover, with his distinctive signature, plus in shorthand “with every good wish” and “aug 4, 24”. 
Along with it I got a copy of “The Man Without A Country”, one of the “English Classics in Gregg Shorthand” with plates written by Georgie Gregg Gingell.  I have several of these classic titles, but didn’t happen to have this one, so it was a nice bonus.  (The “package” I bought also included a copy of the 1949 Simplified manual, and volume one of the 1936 Functional manual, both in so-so shape.)
I don’t currently have a scanner, but I’ll try to get a scanned copy up of the autograph signature with Dr. Gregg’s own shorthand. 

(by alex for everyone)

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