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  1. Hi chance528, welcome back. It appears there are two "official" (meaning published by The Gregg Publishing Co.) Tagalog adaptations (one of them with a key, and shorthand written by Charles Rader!) — unfortunately, I don't have a copy. But I can give you the citations. You may have better luck finding them.

    1. Rodriguez, Tomas. Takigrapyang Gregg sa Wikanq Tagaloq, 55 p, New York, The Gregg Publishing Company, 1946

    2. Adea, Juan A., and Orlina, Tomas B. Takigrapiyang Gregg : pag-aangkop sa wikang pambansa ng Pilipinas / niJ.A. Adea at Tomas B. Orlina. [Ang mga titik sa takigrapiya ay sinulat ni Charles Rader]. 93 p, New York, The Gregg Publishing Company, 1948

    3. Adea, Juan A., and Orlina, Tomas B. Susi Takigrapiyang Gregg. 1948

    The system also has two adaptations not published by Gregg. These were written by Gaudencio Eustaquio:

    1. Eustaquio, Gaudencio. Takigrapiyang Tagalog : salig sa pamamaraang Gregg, 128 p, 1957

    2. Eustaquio, Gaudencio. Takigrapiyang Tagalog : panimulang aklat ; [shorthand written by Rogelio V. Eustaquio], 187 p, 1973.

    If you're in the Philippines, you may find these books at the University of the Philippines, or the National Library of the Philippines. You can check their catalogs. I got my information here: Philippine eLib.

    If you get these, let me know. I would love to see them.

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