Help! Stenographers can you give tips for speed writing and readings

Please help me because in my first month learning shorthand almost everyday, an hour a day.
I cant  help to write in good proportion and almost everytime i shorthand a dictation.
I  always take a pause thinking of the characters  so I forgot my concentration writing.
I have also having this time pressure when writing.
What should I do Thanks……….

 (by stroustrup2 for everyone)

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  1. Give yourself a break.  It takes time.  And first just concentrate on learning the shorthand.  If you've never taking dictation you will hestitate, late you will become better and be able to remember more words in your head and therefore take it easier.  Right now you pause becuase you have to think of the outline, later when you know it, you won't pause. An hour a day is a great way to learn shorthand, if you have the time. Continued success! Debbi

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