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Hi I am Crispin Sarmiento 13 yrsold from the Philippines I am a Gregg Shorthand Begginner Im currently using the Gregg Centennial Edition but why there are using the anni and simplified edition what are the differences and more efficient to use the one im currently using or the others please state all the differences so i can prefer. And what is the difference of other editions of gregg, can a gregg centennial edition user can read older versions of  gregg what is the reason of these changes is shorthand valuable today?.should I continue learnig practicing it?   Favor Please send me a mailing letter of your Gregg Shorthand samples including the transcript in your own writing at any gregg editions u learn especially the centennial edition at my mailing address at ” Phase 2 Buntong Palay., Silangan 1850 San Mateo Rizal Philippines”             Thank You  hope for your letters ……….Thank you very much

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  1. Strou:

    Pre-Anniversary Gregg and Anniversary Gregg, the versions which lasted from about 1900-1949, had a whole lot of brief forms, special forms, and strokes. It was difficult to learn, but very fast, indeed. Before the 1940s, court reporting was done by hand, so these hard versions of Gregg were necessary.

    Starting with Simplified, and going through Diamond Jubillee, then Series 90, each Gregg version got easier and easier, but slower and slower, until it got to the point where writers could hardly break 100wpm. Series 90 was the death knell of Gregg; what sense did it make learning Gregg, when alphabetical systems such as Speedwriting were tons easier and just as fast?

    Centennial came out to correct the deficiencies in Series 90, but by then, the damage was done. Centennial, as I understand it, can be cranked up to about 120wpm for a gifted student.

    My advice (from a Pitman writers' point of view) is to learn the system of Gregg that feels right to you.

    Our own ShorthandMarc is probably as close as an expert as you can find. His website has detailed information about all the Gregg versions. For more info:

  2. Hi Crispin:  Gusto ko ang Gregg!  To see the differences between the versions, go to the Documents section of this site and click on "gregg-shorthand-comparison.pdf".  There is nothing wrong with Centennial–good luck!

  3. Hi Crispin, I was recently bored at work and I started surfing the internet when I stumbled upon Gregg shorthand. Wow, that took me back. I first encountered Gregg shorthand when I was in high school and I was cleaning out my closet and found my mom's old shorthand books. They were the Diamond Jubilee Series…a textbook and a student transcript. I started reading it and practicing but I was never consistent. I did look forward to our stenography class which was traditionally offered as part of the sophomore curriculum. However, when I became a sophomore, they abolished stenography for typing. I'm a fairly good typist at about 85 wpm…but I wish I also went through the same training with Gregg shorthand. Oh well…it's never too late I guess. I just went on Abe's Books last night and bought some DJS textbooks. I'll update you guys with my progress. Dennis : ) P.S. Oh yes, I totally forgot, I grew up in the Philippines but I live in the St. Louis area now. Hope everything is going well over there.

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