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  1. In the 1940's they had a O.G.A (Order of Gregg Association… I think maybe I'll find it in a minute).  It was in the Gregg Writer magazine.    It was a contest to see if you could copy a page of shorthand perfectly.  In the Decmeber 1945 contest rules it says that one of the Contest Committee members was John Robert Gregg himself.  There was also typing tests too…   And they called us Greggites… Debbi

  2. Also, the O.G.A. wasn't really an organization or group, more just a way to recognize achievement in shorthand skill.   It strikes me, though, that there are enough members in this MSN group to constitute a small association (not that I'm recommending anything like that!)  There are other special interest groups that put together annual conventions with many fewer people.  I'm thinking, for example, about IAMPETH (the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting) that has a small membership and still has an annual convention . . .   It could be fun just to informally put together a weekend "non-convention" somewhere and and be able to show off rare Gregg items, talk about techniques and systems, and sing songs in shorthand (just kidding about that last one).   Also, completely off-topic, did you know that Today's Secretary actually had crossword puzzles in shorthand?    Alex

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