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Hello everybody…just joined. I wanted to learn shorthand because I have arthritis in my hands and thought it would reduce the movement. I have surprised myself by getting through chapter 7 of S90. Then, I found the anglefish site and looked at the Anniversary version…but it seems to move a little too fast for me. What do you think of learning S90 first and then going back and refining with the Anniversary?
I have become really enthusiastic about this little venture. They say at my age keeping your mind busy is important, and trying to read the practice paragraphs certainly does the job. I wanted to write my memoirs in shorthand to keep them out of the sight of my grandchildren. I don’t even think my children would approve of my youth.

(by toadgut for everyone)

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  1. Hi, I'm a newbie too and I started with Anniversary and then stumbled across a series 90 book. I like the series 90 book and I was also thinking it might be fine for me to actually read both at the same time. If I couldn't remember the shorter form from the Anniversary version then I could just spell it out the series 90 way. Someone here advised someone else to pick one version of Gregg and stick with it. I was still tempted to use the series 90 textbook, so I've been peeking at it with an open mind and I've enjoyed it so far. I'm glad you've asked your question and I'll pay attention to the answers myself. It is great to have a more or less private language, isn't it? I also like that Gregg shorthand is somewhat code-like, at least as far as most casual observers are concerned. I wouldn't write directions to the buried treasure using Gregg but it is nice to be able to write a few thoughts without everyone having immediate effortless easy access. At least they'd have to work for it if they were to snoop. Of course anything with a bit of extra mystery to it makes 'em extra curious. Sounds like some juicy memoirs you have there, you'll have a great time writing them! Welcome from another enthusiastic newbie. -Ave

  2. Hi.  You might want to check out the Diamond Jubilee Series.  Yes, that's my preference and we all have our own likes and dislikes.  Wouldn't hurt to check it out though.   Welcome to the group.   Joanne 

  3. I started with DJS and then moved to Anniversary and so it is possible to move from one to another.  I agree with starting with one (unless you're super smart and can do 2) and then learn a new (older) version later if you want to.  Which ever one you want to learn first is fine.  There are all here on the board (and even some pitman writers).  I never thought how it will help keep our mind busy with shorthand but it will, thanks for the insight. Debbi

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