Functional method?

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  1. Woops! Sorry! I just now discovered the search-this-site feature and found the answer to my question on functional method. So, I tried to delete my question but the title remained. How does one write M-O-R-O-N in Gregg? Just kidding. I'm very happy to have found the search feature because ya'll really have a wealth of information here – yay! Thank you, especially, to Chuck for a post on May 10, 2005 where there is a list of books with information about the overlap in information in the different titles. It's a great resource, especially for a newbie who is trying to sort our what's what.

  2. Well, I, for one, am disappointed you deleted your message since I'm also curious about the functional method.   So, I tried to find the "Search this Site", but was unable to find it.  I did see the MSN WWW search, but I don't think that was it.   Newbie,   Eric

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