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Hello all! I’m sorry if this has been discussed before but I’ve looked around your group and can’t find what I’m looking for. I’ve also searched online without much success. My mom learned Gregg Diamond Jubilee in school and used it in much of her early career. She wants to refresh herself on the use of shorthand so she can use it at work once more. She looked at Books A Million for a book but they didn’t have what she was looking for. So here I am, looking online trying to find some reference sheets. I’ve found a couple charts of Gregg Shorthand Diamond Jubilee Brief forms so far.
I am completely lost trying to find more brief forms as well as an alphabet chart. I know next to nothing about shorthand so I very well could be passing up what I need! If it doesn’t specifically say “diamond jubilee” then I don’t now if it will suit my needs or not. lol  And my mom is lost while using computers so she wouldn’t know where to start doing a search.
Anyhow, the moral to my story is this: Does anyone know of anywhere online I might find some “cheat sheets?” I’d appreciate any help!!

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  1. There's actually a book called "Refresher Course in Gregg Shorthand, Diamond Jubilee Series", by Strony, Garvey and Newhouse.  It's long out of print, of course, but it could be just what your mom needs.  It comes up on E-bay once in a while, but if you check (ABE Books) you're likely to find a second-hand copy.  (The refresher course was published in other versions, too, so be sure you're getting the Diamond Jubilee.  The copyright was 1970, 1962).    Also, Andrew Owens's Gregg site has system-specific information:   Just check the headings in the left-hand column.   Alex

  2. There's also an GREGG SHORTHAND 1 ADULT EDUCATION SERIES TEXT-KIT 1965 that comes up once in a while.  It sort of goes over the basics.  I found one at a second hand store but it shows up on auction sites once in a while. You could also find her a dictionary and she can look up any words she needs. She could also get the basic books and just read to review and then she should be fine.  Maybe writing the last few lessons. I believe there are also some diction and transcription books in DJS.  There is a 2 book set on ebay and one is Speed Building in green (2 DJS Books – link) which would suit her.  the other book is a volume 2 which would help her review what she needed (no I'm not selling them, just helping). Debbi

  3. I agree that the simplest thing might just be to buy the basic DJ text and do a quick review through it.  It's readily available as a used book, comes up relatively often on E-bay, and will be familiar if she already studied it.    The basic yellow DJ textbook (copyright 1965) was primarily a high-school text.  There's also a DJ textbook for colleges (dark blue cover in the 1965 edition).  Either one should be fine for review.    Alex

  4. When I wanted to re-learn my shorthand (DJS, 1973), I went to my local library. Nobody else wanted the books (there were 6 for DJS, and even more for S90), so I got to keep them for a long time.   There's also a cassette/book combination published in 1989 for DJS called:   Brush-up your shorthand! [sound recording]
    [Guilford, Conn.] : Audio-Forum, [1989] 
    Subjects Shorthand — Gregg.
    Description:  2 sound cassettes : analog + 1 workbook (63 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.)
    Notes:  "The timed dictations of the course are based on the Diamond Jubilee version of Gregg Shorthand."–P. [4] of workbook cover. ISBN:  0884322637 (text)   I found it very helpful — my library had 3 copies, which is strange as very few schools in Canada actually taught Gregg. Being a British Commonwealth country, our schools mostly taught Pitman.
    The shorthand in that workbook is straight up and down – carefully written, but without Rader's oblique slant.   sidhetaba

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  6. George   Yes, that's where I learned Gregg, in Quebec. But I do know people who learned Pitman there, and I know a woman from Alberta who learned Gregg in high school.   And then there's Duploy챕.   Billy

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