Early photo of Charles L. Swem

Dear folks,
Did I imagine it or did someone ask recently what Charles Swem looked like?  In an early edition of Gregg Speed Studies, I found a photo of him when he was obviously a young man.  Note the ring on his finger.  I hope the attachment works.  There were other pictures of Martin J. Dupraw, Albert Schneider, Frederick Gurtler, and Salome Lanning Tarr, but I believe only one attachment will work at a time (my previous effort at attaching all pictures at once failed!).  In any case, here’s the picture of Swem for anyone interested!  Jim

Attachment: Charlesl Swem.jpg

(by jim for everyone)

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  1. I discovered the "Pictures" feature of this website (I told you I was new!) and have added the other photos there.  Just click on the picture of Mr. Swem and I believe the others will all come up, from the days when "Shorthand was in flower"!  Jim

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