How to Attain Speed

Im now on the last part of my gregg practice. but im still thingking og the word. i can read easily the book outlines but when i try to write it feels si hard i also slight memorize of brief forms should i memorize it all and practice everyday. how i can be benefit 

(by stroustrup2 for everyone)

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  1. pyramid-plan.pdf – link is a good idea to follow. Factors of Shorthand Speed.pdf – link has other good suggestions.   It will take time.  Brief forms and abbreviations will have to be memorized as they follow almost no rule.  The others will come with pratice. Reading helps. Writing helps (write everything in shorthand as much as you can.) Practice taking dictation and transcribing (that will help you learn to write the outlines properly)>   Some other links that might help: Practice Practice Practice – link suggestions on gaining speed for a beginner – link Speed is in the Mind of the Writer!! – link Speed – link Reference for speed building: Diamond Jubilee – link Swem's Systematic Speed Course – link The Ultimate Speed Teacher – link   Debbi

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