All Series’ Brief Forms In Order of Frequency

Apparently MSN doesn’t like the way I name files I’d like to upload to this group. Some of you might find this interesting, though. I put it together just as a practical way to learn some new brief forms.

I don’t know DJS, but there must be some brief forms missing in this list, right? I think some Simplifieds might be wrong, too.


(by routine-sibling for everyone)


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  1. Thanks. I didn't do it by hand, though. Just cut-and-pasted the lists into plain text files and then wrote a little shell script to do the work for me. An hour and then another tweaking.

    No dashes here. I suspect the upload problem has to do with MS's dislike of my unix path delimiter, the "/" (forward slash). It's okay, though; I'll keep the list up on my site for any interested.

    Incidentally, because it's not hand-written, it's really easy to add/change/remove entries. So, again , experts, please let me know any mistakes!


  2. Just outlines that are technically brief forms, but—

    I originally just wanted a "quick study" pre-Simplified brief forms list. But seeing that piqued my curiousity for all the post-anni brief forms along side. Now, of course, I'd kind of like to see *every* spelling there, with the brief forms in red font or something. Alas, time. But any regular spelling submissions will be happily encorporated.


  3. That sounds great, Adam. I'd like to put your brief form additions up on my table; could you send them (or re-post them) in an open file format like plain text (tab- or comma-separated tables) so that I can read them?

    If you'd prefer, it can be as simple as plain text with this format:

    word[tab or space]s-f-notation


    the [over th]
    of o
    and nd


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