Jobs which won’t exist in 2014

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I thought this was interesting on the CareerBuilder site about secretaries. Do you think–of those who will remain–that they could benefit from shorthand skills?


Jobs That May No Longer Exist by 2014
Kate Lorenz, Editor
While America’s job outlook is healthy and many industries are projected to grow in the coming years, there are also signs that some occupations are becoming obsolete.

The majority of the decreases are in office and administrative support and production occupations, which are affected by the implementation of office technology that reduces the needs for these workers, changes in business practices, and escalating plant and factory automation. A majority of the job openings occurring in these occupations will arise not from job growth, but from the need to replace those transferring to other industries, retire or leave for other reasons

Here are some of the jobs expected to severely decline between now and 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Secretaries (Except Legal, Medical and Executive)
How many jobs are in jeopardy: 48,000
Why they’re endangered: Automated equipment is changing the distribution of work in many offices. Professionals and managers increasingly do their own word processing and data entry, and handle much of their own correspondence rather than submitting the work to secretaries and other support staff.

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  1. It may help, as someone mentioned that some places won't allow recording devices.  But I am a secretary and go to a secretary site with a message board and someone asked about job titles and their job discriptions and most had so varied job discriptions that "secretary" was relative.  They hardly did basic secretary stuff.  Most did other duties too, which means they may not have to worry if they have enough skills other then just typing and answering phones.   But I have noticed a decline in secretaries as managers do their own computer work.  In one department they wanted only the Sr. Secretaries to top level managers and the others where going away because there wasn't enough to do.  Of course I never have enough to do as I learn the job and short cuts and end up with free time on my hands…   I've had shorthand on my resume forever (I learned Speedwriting over 15 years ago and then advanced to Gregg) and people are impressed but I never really thought it gave me the edge, at least that's the impression I got. Debbi

  2. Another harsh reality is that because expertise in technology is easy to come by, secretarial positions are being downgraded to clerk positions with huge reductions in pay and benefits. Temps are being hired and replaced by other temps. Even though positions are being posted internally, people are dissuaded from applying because of lower salaries and reduction of benefits. Universal healthcare has become necessary for thew survival and well being of middle class America, as well as  the poor and needy!  DOC

  3. Secretarial work as a major employment opportunity will probably go the way of the wind.

    I don't think specialized secretarial needs will ever be extinct, however. As Debi noted, recording devices are illegal in most states, but there's a need to record what's being said; stenographers will have a niche, and will probably be able to command high prices.

    The company for which I work uses a Simplified Gregg Writer to record minutes at the meetings. I can think of a lot of other situations where verbatim recording is really needed, but not used yet (for example, when someone gets fired, or investigated by Security)…

  4. The part where I got the various job discriptions was under the Forums.  That's usually what I look at.  I think this is the US version, there is also a UK home page (as that's where it's located).  On another note, the manger of this site (Andrea) was a Secreatary who had a forum of her own after hours and they liked her site and offered her a job… so again, if a secretary has multiple skills she could find work in another capacity, but I still see the secretary job going away too. Debbi PS:  John, if you don't feel it appropriate to have this link, feel free to delete this post.  

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