Best version of Sloan-Duploye?

   Could someone recommend for me what they think is the best adaptation to English of the Sloan-Duploye system?  I gather from some of the posts that S-D is quite fast, but that Perrin’s adapation is not the best.

(by tom_in_co for everyone)

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  1. Hello Tom,   I'm afraid I don't really get your point. Sloan-Duploy챕 shorthand is already an adaptation of the French system to English, however, unlike many other adaptations, it was made by an Englishman for English-speaking stenographers.   Pernin's adaptation is no good. He didn't understand Duploy챕's principles of vowel representation, which avoided angles.  

  2. Mark,

    Thank you for the reply! I'm afraid that I expressed myself poorly- I think what I was trying to ask was "is there an English adaptation of Duploye's system that is as usable as the original." 🙂 Not sure why I didn't ask it that way to begin with ! :/ I'd be grateful for any info you could provide…

    Cheers (and many thanks!)


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