Forkner, please

Apart from symbol systems, I’ve always been interested in alphabetic shorthand systems.  I can write the older version of Speedwriting, Pitmanscript (thanks Ian!) and just received from Amazon a textbook on Personal Shorthand (the ABC one).
I have, however, heard that of all the alphabetic shorthand systems, the least ambiguous of all is Forkner.  I’ve never actualy seen any examples of Forkner and realy realy want to have a go at this system too.  So badly in fact, that I recently dreamt that I finaly got my hands on a Forkner book.
I tried ordering some used Forkner books over Amazon, but those are apparently re-purchased from used book stores and they do not ship to Russia 🙁
I was wondering if there might be a kind soul out there, that may post an example scan of some Forkner, so that I may at least have an idea of how it looks.  And if somebody actualy has a PDF of a Forkner textbook, well… oh my God!

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  1. Wordsigner,

    Yes, you're correct, Forkner was designed with unambiguity in mind. According to Hamden Forkner Jr., his father did a lot of research (I believe at Columbia) about the major complaints of the then extant shorthand systems. Aside from the typical complaints about the "hard to remember symbols" the next problem mentioned was error in transcription. I've used Forkner for 10+ years and while it doesn't have the blinding speed potential of Anniversary Gregg or New Era Pitman, it does pretty well for getting down what a speaker is saying. Not a court reporting system but certainly adequate for documenting meetings/interviews, etc. I liked it because even 10 years later I can read my notes without problem- something I've not been able to do with Teeline. I just checked on Abebooks- they've got 34 Forkner titles in stock- I bet one of them would ship to Russia. I will post a couple of scans for you tomorrow if you like… and if you really can't get a copy, let me know.



  2. Tom,   I would really appreciate it if indeed you could post a scan or two, if that’s not too much trouble.  I have not ever even seen what Forkner looks like.  Reading notes back 10 years after is fantastic, I’m not looking for lightning speed.
    I’ll check out Abebooks sometime this or next week.  If they do ship to Russia and accept credit cards on line, that would be great.   Thanks for you help!   Mike

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